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-Story of a destiny-

"Never Say Never" Justin Bieber...

Welcome on my author's site of BoD.


You can find information on my book "Destinée, Tome 1" (Destiny, Vol.1) and also to discover who I am.


I shall make my possible to satisfy your waits, but especially do not hesitate to contact me to speak to myself about it.


You can discover exclusively extracts on the reserved page. Deposit  your comments in the visitors' book and even contact me by email in contact.

NB: All my excuses, if you find spelling mistakes!

My book is available!

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Also available on the format e-book!


Good Reading!

I present me :)

My author's new Name: Lina Millot.

A pen name not so anonymous!
I reveal you my secret. A little of my first name, a little of my name something who rings well and it's done. By choosing a pen name, it is a shape of intimacy while Keeping my identity... ;)

Aline Cormillot

39110 Salins les Bains

Jura (39)



I am twenty five years old ( 1988 ), and mom of two children. I studied to Besançon ( 25 ) where I obtained in 2007 my Technician's certificate Agenceur. But in the final what I wanted it was to share my imagination in the rest of the world and to make it dream, as of the other front I made us dream. It is thanks to the testimony of Stéphenie Meyer ( author of Twilight), to the song "Victoire" de Shy'm as well as to my familly and my friends who believe in me, that I took trust and that I began to write.

My passions

I like reading, writing, dreaming, imagining, creating!! I also like surfing on the Internet, going shopping and Disneyland. I like very much the decoration inside.


My favorite television series

Vampire Diaries, NCIS and One Tree Hill.


My favorite books

The Twilight Saga, Eternal, 16-17-18 Moons, Vampire Diaries, Immortal



My favorite musics

M.Pokora, Séléna Gomez, Taylor Swift....


Favorite site

You tube 




My Books

Destiny, Vol.1: Prophecy


Here is my first masterpiece of writing, my first pride of author. A pure fiction (unless...), here is a small summary:


Further to the death of her young brother and further to the divorce of  her parents, Sélena Lane, 16 years, is obliged to move to the other end of the country and extremely set by her father. She is going to have to begin again everything, new high school, new friends... She will also have to face a reality which to there was only a dream, or a nightmare...Powers, allies, powerful enemies, the love but also the death.... Is she Going to accept this new destiny?


Why "Vol.1"?

Yes I suspect although the question is maybe stupid, but good maybe that some of you ask the question. Then well, it is simply because I have already begun a continuation, then I leave you the time to discover this first Volume and I shall warn you as soon as the continuation will be available!


To my cousin! And yes this beauty of the nature honoured me with lending me the face to represent this first Volume!


I may have spent hours, days and months, to write this story, all the times when I dive back inside as if I discovered it for the first time, I am close to tears in certain passages...^^

I would like being able to make of my history(story) a movie ...

... Notice to the actors, the scriptwriters, the directors who would be interested! ^^

To come: Destiny, Vol. 2: Curse